How to Choose a Home Security System

by David Sanders 09/29/2019

One of the critical steps towards ensuring that your home is adequately secured is choosing a home security system. A home security system is vital because it is a way of protecting the family from danger. There are various factors you need to consider before deciding on the right home security system. An excellent option is to go for a security system that has non-proprietary features. The advantage of this is that it can be modified or repaired by using generic parts. 

Here are some steps involved in determining if your home is secure:

  • Professionally installed system or the one you can fix yourself: You should decide whether you are going for an advanced security system that will be set up by professionals or the ones that you can easily install yourself. Some self-installed systems are wire-free making them perfect for the novice installer.
  • Look into a monitoring contract: You might consider a home security system that has a monitoring contract that is not more than one year, particularly if you might move. While a monitoring contract helps you to minimize the upfront cost of equipment, you don’t want to be stuck with a contact you no longer want. However, you should always take note of the cancellation fee to decide which alternative is best in your situation. 
  • Count the numbers of windows and doors: Another step you need to take when choosing a home security system is to count the numbers of doors and windows you have in your house. The number of doors and windows will help you determine how many sensors you will need. Decide if you only want sensors on the ground floor or if upper levels need them as well.
  • Get a smoke detector: You should consider getting at least one smoke detector on your monitored system. A smoke detector is essential because it can help prevent a fire from escalating and potentially save your precious family from harm, and your belongings while you are away.
  • Connect all main level doors to the system: You must establish a connection between the entire main exits and the device to notify the main panel if any of these doors are open. You can employ the use of a coverage detector if you have some entries that aren't accessible to the wiring.
  • Use a motion detector: In a situation where several windows are accessible from the ground level, consider using a motion detector in these areas. Apart from its effectiveness, it will also cut down your expenses.
  • Consider the basements: Look for a way to fit your basement into your home security system. If you have not completed your basement, it will be straightforward for the technician to do the wiring of main levels as well as the windows and doors of the basement. You might consider a wireless addition to your home security system if you have a finished basement. This wireless addition must be able to cover your basement doors and windows accessible from outside.

Installed home security systems may boost the sale of your home in certain areas, so check with your real estate professional to see how it may impact your home’s selling price.

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